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Uniiq patches MyLife with $340,000
University of Twente-founded MyLife Technologies will commercialise a microneedle-based dermal patch for administering therapeutic compounds.
Loyalty Prime redeems seven-figure round
Loyalty Prime has been backed by the VC affiliate of Technical University of Munich’s Unternehmertum as it builds the international profile of its loyalty scheme management software.
InsGeek collects $14.4m
Legend Holdings has backed the insurance brokerage whose existing shareholders include Tsinghua Holdings and Fosun.
Ibex scans $1.3m round
IP Group is among the investors in x-ray technology developer Ibex Innovations’ latest round after backing a $3m round for the company in 2014.
Fluidic Analytics characterises $31m
Cambridge Enterprise-backed Fluidic Analytics' third funding round will help fund the launch of its first microfluidics-based protein analysis machine.
Perkii quenches $2.2m thirst
Uniseed has upped its investment in probiotic drink maker Perkii after leading the Queensland spinout’s first $3m round in 2016.
Understory forecasts $7.5m
4490 Ventures has returned for the latest round for weather analytics service Understory, which has disclosed a total of $24.6m in funding to date.
Qwick finds hospitality in seed round
Hospitality shift work platform Qwick’s seed investors include UAVenture Capital Fund, an independent vehicle set up to cultivate University of Arizona’s ecosystem.
Pure Battery stores $1.3m
Queensland spinout Pure Battery Technologies will use the cash to design and build production plants for its acid-leaching-based battery material manufacturing process.
Vascugen generates funding
Vascugen has collected an undisclosed sum from investors including Indiana University Philanthropic Venture Fund to commercialise medicines for vascular-degenerative diseases based on IU technology.

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