Tech Transfer

Palette adds colour with Nestlé partnership
Karolinska Institute spinout Palette Life Sciences will add three medical products based on Nestlé’s intellectual property to its existing program targeting pain suffered during gynaecological procedures.
Michigan doubles spinout total in 2017-18
The university’s Office of Technology Transfer launched 21 spinouts while achieving a 10% rise in inventions disclosed and a record number of licences and options agreed.
Nanosive heats up Truffle Capital investment
Sun protection product developer Nanosive has been launched by Truffle Capital with a licence from Yale University.
OxStem derives subsidiaries
Oxford regenerative medicine spinout OxStem, which raised $24.4m in 2016, has launched two subsidiaries to focus on therapies for diabetes, chronic inflammation and wound healing.
CSU discloses 2018 tech transfer results
CSU Ventures added five spinouts and 36 licensing agreements to its portfolio during the 2018 fiscal year, taking its total to 45 and 315 respectively.
Waterloo slams Salient Energy with lawsuit
University of Waterloo is suing its grid battery manufacturing spinout Salient Energy, which it claims must sign back IP rights due to a misapplication of its tech transfer policy.
Allied Minds links with QuayChain
QuayChain has been formed by Allied Minds to commercialise an IoT hub for industrial sites such as airports, warehouses and transport hubs.
HyperLight accelerates out of Harvard
HyperLight has been spun out from Harvard University's OTD to manufacture superior modulators for fibre-optic telecommunications networks.

Other News

Harare opens Zimbabwe's first TTO
Harare Institute of Technology's new tech transfer office is currently preparing documents to secure its policy base after assisting president Emmerson Mnangagwa's "100-day" drive earlier this year.
Institut Curie curates Honing Biosciences
Institut Curie has supplied an undisclosed sum to its second immuno-oncology spinout, Honing Biosciences, which will focus on improved drug delivery mechanisms.
Duke marshals 16 spinouts in 2018
Duke University’s OLV managed a near-50% increase on 2017’s spinout tally in a year where its businesses generated $526m in capital.
Elevian energises $5.5m seed round
Elevian will commercialise research from Harvard and Stanford indicating young blood cells could be used to restore tissues in older patients.
UniQuest hits 100 spinouts
University of Queensland revealed it has generated more than 100 spinouts since 1988, with probiotic drink manufacturer Perkii becoming number 100 in 2016.
Ghent joins Imec to start Sentea
Sentea has been spun out with $1.9m in seed funding to commercialise fibre optic sensor technologies that monitor engineering structures for wear and damage.

Editor's Picks

Big deal: Ambys arrives at $140m investment
Ambys Medicines has raised $60m in a series A round backed by Takeda and signed a strategic partnership agreement with the corporate worth $80m.
Taking a leap towards the quantum future
Isis Innovation's Rakesh Roshan investigates the looming age of quantum computing.
12 spin-outs of Christmas
GUV's list of hot spin-outs to watch in 2015.
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