Tech Transfer

Fraunhofer energises Mondas
Industrial analytics spinout Mondas is targeting energy applications and has already started testing at a local solar energy network.
Threatray registers seed funding
Newly-launched Bern University of Applied Sciences spinout Threatray believes its automated malware detection design will improve upon existing approaches.
Lund launches Asgard Therapeutics
Asgard Therapeutics will develop cancer therapies which use reprogrammed human skin cells to improve the immune system’s capacity to identify cancerous particles.
Purdue prepares Next Offset Solutions
Next Offset Solutions will commercialise a 3D printing technology for energetic materials including rocket fuels and pyrotechnics.
Minnesota spawns Vascudyne
Vascudyne will develop vascular medical devices offering enhanced performance on the back of a stem cell-grown tissue with similar biological and mechanical qualities to the native equivalent.
Oxford excavates PalaeoPi
PalaeoPi, which began operations almost a year ago, is developing a photogrammetry-powered 3D scanner called MKIII TablePi for purposes including archaeology.
Chief auditor queries WIT exit
Ireland’s Comptroller and Auditor General has highlighted issues in a Waterford Institute of Technology licensing deal that garnered low returns when the spinout in question was acquired.
Oxford HighQ resonates with investors
Longwall Ventures has led a $2.8m seed round for University of Oxford’s newest spinout, quantum technologies-based sensor technology developer Oxford HighQ.

Other News

OUI concludes strong quarter
Oxford University Innovation has released its quarterly figures that reveal more than 89% of external investments in its spinouts occurred in August.
Ariel initiates Innoging Medical
Ariel University spinout Innoging has made its public debut and will commercialise ultrasound technology that lets radiologists manipulate scans without the patient being present.
Des Solutio finds its way out of Nova
Nova University Lisbon has established chemicals producer Des Solutio with the support of Frontier IP, making it the second spinout launched in Portugal by the commercialisation firm.
Innovation in Finland needs more corporate support
Tech transfer region: Finland
Split Bio sequences $1.2m seed round
University of Washington has established RNA sequencing technology developer Split Biosciences, which has raised $1.2m in seed funding from unnamed investors.
Palette adds colour with Nestlé partnership
Karolinska Institute spinout Palette Life Sciences will add three medical products based on Nestlé’s intellectual property to its existing program targeting pain suffered during gynaecological procedures.

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