Series A

Corporates experience Telexistence’s series A
Tokyo's experiential robot developer Telexistence has won funding from a investors including the university's Innovation Platform and a host of corporates.
Blue J Legal makes $7m call
Backed by investors including BDC Capital, Toronto-founded Blue J Legal hopes to adapt its legal forecasting technology to the US system.
Igem sets $6.4m in stone
The KCL immuno-oncology spinout’s second series A close included investment from UCL Technology Fund, Alsa Holding and Epidarex Capital.
Tactiva takes $35m series A on board
Tactiva, an immuno-oncology spinout of Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center and based at University of Buffalo, will use the funding to drive its development program.
Engitix explores $6.4m series A
UCL spinout Engitix plans to develop therapeutics for liver fibrosis and certain cancers based on its targeted drug discovery platform.
MooreElite gains series A ranking
The company has raised $14.4m from investors including Tsinghua University’s THG Ventures for its range of integrated circuit design services.
Stilla gets $18m series A result
Paris Saclay Seed Fund backed a series A round which will help the biotechnology company expand sales and launch a new product.
Elens articulates $21.6m
Provided by Matrix Partner China and Ceyuan Ventures, the series A capital will help Renmin natural language processing spinout Elens mature its product development and R&D capabilities.

Other News

OMass amasses $17.9m series A
Oxford spinout OMass has pivoted from offering consulting services to developing its own drugs after closing a series A round backed by Oxford Sciences Innovation.
Camel-IDS calls in $42m
Vrije Universiteit Brussel’s Camel-IDS collected funding from investors including Novo for a radiation-based oncology platform that will initially target Her2-positive brain metastatic breast cancer.
Animal Dynamics squares $7.7m series A
OSI is among the investors in drone developer Animal Dynamics’ latest round, which will help it develop products based on aerodynamics from the animal kingdom.
Origin layers $10m in series A funding
Previously backed by Stanford University, Origin has now raised a total of $12.3m to support its modular and interoperable approach to 3D printing.
Cabaletta Bio engineers $38m series A
Penn spinout Cabaletta Bio’s first funding round includes university investment and it will use the cash to develop T-cell drugs for autoimmune diseases including pemphigus vulgaris.
Ayar Labs lights up $24m series A
Ayar Labs has raised $24m to commercialise its technology that enables data transmission using light, based on research at MIT and CU Boulder.

Editor's Picks

Big deal: Ambys arrives at $140m investment
Ambys Medicines has raised $60m in a series A round backed by Takeda and signed a strategic partnership agreement with the corporate worth $80m.
Big deal: NMD flexes series A muscles
Aarhus University spinout NMD Pharma, which focuses on therapies for neuromuscular conditions, has attracted the support of several corporates for its $47m series A round.
Immunocore smashes European biotech records
Immunotherapy firm Immunocore, which started life at Oxford University, raises the largest biotech round in European history.
Sphere Fluidics circles $2.5m
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