Nanosive heats up Truffle Capital investment
Sun protection product developer Nanosive has been launched by Truffle Capital with a licence from Yale University.
Caristo detects $2.6m pulse
The newly-founded Oxford cardiovascular imaging spinout raised seed funding from backers including Oxford Sciences Innovation to pursue further product development.
Navigen navigates path to $1.5m
Peptide-based drug developer Navigen has been backed by University of Utah-based student venturing fund UVF II in its first equity round.
Memetis meets KIT for funding
KIT-founded valve actuator manufacturer Memetis has received capital from the university and HTGF to help expand development and production.
Meatable mashes up $3.5m
Meatable has secured the backing of a range of VC investors to commercialise a cultured hamburger based on Cambridge and Stanford patents.
Code Intelligence cracks $810,000
Software bug checking developer Code Intelligence spun out of University of Bonn in 2017 and has now been backed by HTGF and Digital Hub Bonn.
MouSensor finds comfort in $3.3m seed round
CUNY-born digital olfaction technology developer MouSensor will receive funding and expertise from nanoelectronics institute Imec's investment fund.
CoinAlpha accumulates $3.5m
Stanford University’s StartX Fund has joined Bain Capital Ventures, Ironfire Ventures and SharesPost for blockchain technology developer CoinAlpha’s opening round.

Other News

Lunewave takes $5m for a spin
BMW and Baidu are among the investors in sensor technology developer Lunewave's seed round, which will go towards building autonomous vehicle sensors based on the Luneburg principle.
UMI3 finds place in Amprologix
University of Manchester’s UMI3 has joined Frontier IP and Ingenza as a shareholder in newly-founded Plymouth antibiotics spinout Amprologix.
BrewBike cools down with $800,000
Founded by a Northwestern student, cold-brew coffee vendor BrewBike has added the university's NUSeeds fund and angel investors to its seed consortium.
Institut Curie curates Honing Biosciences
Institut Curie has supplied an undisclosed sum to its second immuno-oncology spinout, Honing Biosciences, which will focus on improved drug delivery mechanisms.
Twaice replenishes with $1.4m seed round
TUM-founded Twaice Technologies has won backing from UVC Partners to deliver battery management software targeting electric vehicles.
Elevian energises $5.5m seed round
Elevian will commercialise research from Harvard and Stanford indicating young blood cells could be used to restore tissues in older patients.

Editor's Picks

MOOCs: The British are coming
Futurelearn, a platform free-to-access Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), has been launched by a consortium of UK-based universities, led by distance-learning provider The Open University (OU).
Intelligent Ultrasound hears call of $1m
The Oxford University spin-out set up by its technology transfer office raises the funds at the same time as winning a development award from the UK's National Health Service.
Intel, UCL, Imperial link on Sustainable Cities
The London-based institute is Intel's first research centre and hub looking at how technologies can improve the social and economic development of cities globally.
Columbia University seed fund is started
Cfund is founded by Alessandro Piol of Vedanta Capita; and Amol Sarva from Peek and Virgin Mobile USA
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