Information Technology

Threatray registers seed funding
Newly-launched Bern University of Applied Sciences spinout Threatray believes its automated malware detection design will improve upon existing approaches.
Kets Quantum secures $2.5m
Bristol quantum computer security spinout Kets Quantum Security has won investment from Kx Systems after joining the corporate-backed Teac communications accelerator last year.
Tsinghua mulls Japan-focused fund
Tsinghua’s Tus-Holdings is weighing up a venture capital fund as part of a $584m push into Japan’s artificial intelligence, fintech and robotics sectors.
Loyalty Prime redeems seven-figure round
Loyalty Prime has been backed by the VC affiliate of Technical University of Munich’s Unternehmertum as it builds the international profile of its loyalty scheme management software.
MooreElite gains series A ranking
The company has raised $14.4m from investors including Tsinghua University’s THG Ventures for its range of integrated circuit design services.
Elens articulates $21.6m
Provided by Matrix Partner China and Ceyuan Ventures, the series A capital will help Renmin natural language processing spinout Elens mature its product development and R&D capabilities.
Columbia and IBM matriculate blockchain accelerators
IBM Blockchain Accelerator will focus on later-stage startups, while Columbia Blockchain Launch Accelerator has been established for pre-seed companies.
Understory forecasts $7.5m
4490 Ventures has returned for the latest round for weather analytics service Understory, which has disclosed a total of $24.6m in funding to date.

Other News

Chief auditor queries WIT exit
Ireland’s Comptroller and Auditor General has highlighted issues in a Waterford Institute of Technology licensing deal that garnered low returns when the spinout in question was acquired.
Lonsdale leaps over to Edinburgh Innovations
John Lonsdale will oversee a new enterprise services team at Edinburgh Innovations tasked with matters including oversight of a local scheme targeting the formation of 400 data-orientated startups.
Crossword looks to Aim for clues
The cybersecurity commercialisation firm hopes to raise $2.9m through an Aim placement and will use the funding for product development, working capital, sales and marketing.
Spin Memory turns to corporates to raise $52m
Memory technology supplier and New York University spinout Spin Memory has secured $52m in a round featuring Applied Ventures and Arm.
Liaro squeezes into $530,000 round
University of Tokyo-founded VC firm Deep 30 has pumped money into apparel industry services provider Liaro, which will use the cash to ramp up recruitment and R&D.
Forescout successfully tracks SecurityMatters in $113m deal
Forescout Technologies has paid approximately $113m to acquire operational technology security provider and University of Twente spinout SecurityMatters.

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