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BeLab1407 brings $20m to UK universities
Evotec has partnered Bristol-Myers Squibb to launch another Bridge programme, this time focusing on the universities of Birmingham, Dundee, Edinburgh and Nottingham.
Saint-Gobain gravitates to Richland Capital
Saint-Gobain has contributed to Richland Capital’s third fund, which had already attracted Tsinghua Asset Management’s Redbud vehicle.
Main Sequence burns bright with $194m
CSIRO-founded Main Sequence Ventures has pocketed $194m for its second fund, which has added decarbonisation to the firm’s list of targeted technologies.
Congruent Ventures captures $175m fund
University of California is among the limited partners for venture firm Congruent Ventures’ latest sustainability-focused fund that had a $125m target.
UTokyoIPC augments AOI 1 capital to $222m
The University of Tokyo-backed carveout fund’s latest limited partners include corporates Daikin, Hakuhodo and Mitsubishi Estate.
Corporates help Remiges close $95m fund
Taiho has reupped its commitment to the second fund of Remiges, which focuses on spinouts of Japanese universities.
Xiaomi plans fund at Tsinghua
Consumer electronics producer Xiaomi intends to launch a new innovation research fund based at Tsinghua University.
Zigg builds $225m UChicago-backed fund
Zigg Capital has collected $225m from limited partners including University of Chicago to invest in real estate technology developers.

Other News

Qubis unveils Innovation Fund
Queen’s University Belfast’s tech transfer office has launched a fund in partnership with Sapphire Capital Partners to invest in its spinouts.
Frontier IP faces promising future
The portfolio’s fair value rose by 21% and pre-tax profits are up 45% in the first half of Frontier IP’s fiscal year.
Axelys to accelerate Quebec commercialisation
Axelys will become the successor to three separate tech transfer organisations in Quebec next month.
RiverVest raises $275m fifth fund
The firm specialises in setting up spinouts out of universities and corporations, and now has more than $1.6bn in assets under management.
Hanoi University ponders $10m fund
Hanoi University of Science and Technology’s BK Fund has partnered ThinkZone for a $10m fund that will invest in domestic startups.
OSU helps Rev1 engineer $10m fund
The Future Value Fund I will invest in pre-seed companies, including spinouts from Rev1's long-time partner Ohio State University.

Editor's Picks

Obama proposes $100m for brain research
Obama signals his intention to earmark $100m for brain research in the 2014 budget.
Lynch Invokes Untouchables and $1bn
Michael Lynch raises $1bn for Invoke Capital to support university ventures.
Samsung adds $100m start-up fund
The company has committed $100m to the Catalyst Fund for early-stage start-ups, which may be available to university startups.
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