Indiana duo meet BioCrossroads for $9m fund
University of Notre Dame and Indiana University have both backed a $9m seed fund aimed at supporting local businesses in life sciences, health IT and agricultural biosciences.
Notre Dame’s Idea sparks $22m fund
The Notre Dame Pit Road Fund will provide an early funding platform to technologies and businesses accredited by the university’s Idea Center.
Edison Partners welcomes Rutgers to $365m fund
Rutgers University was among a string of limited partners for the growth equity firm's ninth fund, which was oversubscribed from its $300m target.
Canada puts $25m into Toronto’s Creative Destruction
Canada’s Strategic Innovation Fund will provide $19.2m for accelerator Creative Destruction Lab over four years with the aim of supporting more than 1,300 science-focused companies.
Yissum fabricates $6m nanotech fund
HUJ’s tech transfer arm still hopes to raise a further $3m for the fund to close it at $9m and has already invested in three technologies.
Chrysalix brings Delft to RoboValley for first close
The Delft-affiliated fund has reached its first close on its way to a $120m target, having secured capital from a range of limited partners.
Theodorus unveils $23m fund
Université libre de Bruxelles has added a fourth Theodorus fund to its arsenal with an initial close of $23m and a target of up to $33.5m.
Yale decrypts investment for $400m fund
Yale University’s endowment will reportedly back a $400m cryptocurrency-focused fund called Paradigm together with investors including Sequoia Capital.

Other News

Excell shines with $25m fund
University of Rochester-affiliated VC fund Excell Partners has been selected to manage a state government-funded vehicle targeting local companies in sectors such as optics and life sciences.
Mtrac hubs stay course for $2.6m
State-wide innovation hubs under the banner of Michigan Translational Research and Commercialization will receive money from the Michigan Strategic Fund.
OUI targets social enterprises
Oxford University Innovation expects to form 10 spinouts each year from an initiative for impact-led businesses.
MIT’s Engine hits $205m close
The MIT-affiliated Engine Fund has achieved a final close of more than $205m, above its initial target of $150m.
Main Sequence rearranges fund to $167m
University of Melbourne and Lockheed Martin have contributed to an additional $94.8m tranche for the Csiro Innovation Fund, bringing its total to $167m.
Imec expands to $135m
The research institute has achieved a $135m close for its Imec.xpand fund, breaking through its target of $116m just over a year after launching fundraising efforts.

Editor's Picks

Big deal: OSI grows to $730m
University venturing fund Oxford Sciences Innovation has added an additional $290m to its assets as spinout Oxford Nanopore attracts another $126m in funding.
Big deal: RCIF and TUS anchor $100m fund
Big deal: MIT revs $150m Engine
Massachusetts Institute of Technology has unveiled an incubator that will provide funding, space and expertise to boost commercialisation activities on and off-campus.
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