Amgen inserts $66m into Oxford Nanopore
Oxford Nanopore has secured $66m from Amgen, after the latter’s subsidiary Decode Genetics used the spinout’s technology to sequence hundreds of human genomes.
Palette adds colour with Nestlé partnership
Karolinska Institute spinout Palette Life Sciences will add three medical products based on Nestlé’s intellectual property to its existing program targeting pain suffered during gynaecological procedures.
Locate Bio pinpoints $660,000 round
Mercia Technologies has returned to back Locate Bio's pursuit of orthopaedic therapies based on research at University of Nottingham.
Kahoot loots funding at $300m valuation
Datum Invest has led a $15.3m round for educational game platform Kahoot, which is the result of research at Norwegian University of Technology and Science.
Garrison rallies for $30m
Cybersecurity technology developer Garrison has received $5m from IP Group after being backed by Touchstone in 2015 and 2017.
Covatic covets $1.1m investment
Oxford spinout Covatic has now raised $2.1m in funding for a software platform that enables media broadcasters to tailor mobile content and marketing to the habits of specific users.
Chrysalix brings Delft to RoboValley for first close
The Delft-affiliated fund has reached its first close on its way to a $120m target, having secured capital from a range of limited partners.
Nanosive heats up Truffle Capital investment
Sun protection product developer Nanosive has been launched by Truffle Capital with a licence from Yale University.

Other News

Caristo detects $2.6m pulse
The newly-founded Oxford cardiovascular imaging spinout raised seed funding from backers including Oxford Sciences Innovation to pursue further product development.
Theodorus unveils $23m fund
Université libre de Bruxelles has added a fourth Theodorus fund to its arsenal with an initial close of $23m and a target of up to $33.5m.
Orchard to orchestrate $173m IPO
The UCL Technology Fund is in line for an exit from gene therapy developer Orchard Therapeutics, which has raised more than $290m in equity funding.
OxStem derives subsidiaries
Oxford regenerative medicine spinout OxStem, which raised $24.4m in 2016, has launched two subsidiaries to focus on therapies for diabetes, chronic inflammation and wound healing.
Memetis meets KIT for funding
KIT-founded valve actuator manufacturer Memetis has received capital from the university and HTGF to help expand development and production.
Aceleron recharges with $195,000
Advanced battery developer Aceleron, which operates from Birmingham and Brunel universities, has been backed by the Midlands Engine Investment Fund.

Editor's Picks

Big deal: Novo pens $800m Ziylo acquisition
Ziylo, a spinout from University of Bristol that is working on a diabetes treatment, has been acquired by Novo Nordisk for a total that could exceed $800m.
Opportunities and challenges abound at PraxisAuril conference
PraxisAuril's spring conference continues to go from strength to strength, with one in three delegates a first-time attendant.
A look back on GUV: Fusion 2018
Global University Venturing rounds up some of the highlights from its London conference last month, which also featured the GUV Awards.
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