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Waterloo slams Salient Energy with lawsuit
University of Waterloo is suing its grid battery manufacturing spinout Salient Energy, which it claims must sign back IP rights due to a misapplication of its tech transfer policy.
Aceleron recharges with $195,000
Advanced battery developer Aceleron, which operates from Birmingham and Brunel universities, has been backed by the Midlands Engine Investment Fund.
Epishine powers up $1.3m
Linköping solar cell manufacturing spinout Epishine has received money from backers including LiU Holding arm after previously securing backing from Chalmers Ventures.
OUI targets social enterprises
Oxford University Innovation expects to form 10 spinouts each year from an initiative for impact-led businesses.
AutoGrid charges $32m series D
AutoGrid, the distributed energy management platform backed by Stanford, will use the capital from the Eon, CLP, Innogy, Total, Ørsted and Tenaska-backed round to boost hiring.
Cambridge scientists devote capital to $129m fund
Eight researchers from Cambridge have raised a $129m patient capital fund that has attracted limited partners including Aviva.
VTT winds down Spinnova stake
VTT Ventures has exited textile fibre developer Spinnova, spun out from the research centre in 2014.
Bharat Innovation Fund ushers in first close
The fund, affiliated with IIM Ahmedabad, has raised approximately $50m for its first close two years after first being announced.
Bramble sprouts Parkwalk funding
Fuel cell technology developer Bramble is based on UCL and ICL intellectual property and previously worked with Parkwalk’s parent IP Group in January 2018.

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