Complion complies for $7m series B
Complion collected funding from investors including the multi-university-backed Ohio Innovation Fund for its regulatory compliance software platform catered to sites conducting clinical research.
OssDsign takes in $6.9m
Regenerative craniofacial implant manufacturer OssDsign has amassed $19.7m altogether as it prepares to take its products based on Karolinska and Uppsala university research into new markets.
Allied Minds prepares cost reductions
The commercialisation firm will cut cash operating expenses by more than 40% year-on-year, while SciFluor Life and Precision Biopsy received $9m in financing between them.
Recida rolls out from Frazier Healthcare
Venture capital firm Frazier Healthcare Partners has spun out a US-based antibiotics developer with the help of grant funding from a Boston University-operated body and a $8.5m series A round.
Minervax finds verve with $5m
Based on Lund University research, group B streptococcus vaccine developer Minervax has now raised $11.4m from investors including Novo.
CIC makes cut in Imagen series B
University of Cambridge’s affiliate patient capital fund has returned to take part in an $8.4m round for video content management platform Imagen after previously investing in 2014 and 2016.
Findologic discovers fresh capital
The seven-digit investment by BE Beteiligungen Fonds will help Salzburg e-commerce search spinout Findologic accelerate its international expansion and introduce new product features.
Istesso stakes $7.6m
IP Group has poured more funding into Istesso, whose treatment for rheumatoid arthritis traces its roots to an Aberdeen spinout, to drive immuno-metabolism therapies for autoimmune diseases.

Other News

Blue J Legal makes $7m call
Backed by investors including BDC Capital, Toronto-founded Blue J Legal hopes to adapt its legal forecasting technology to the US system.
Streem straps on $6.8m
Streem, a home services AR software developer whose shareholders include Oregon State University-backed Rogue Venture Partners, is raising a second funding round.
Igem sets $6.4m in stone
The KCL immuno-oncology spinout’s second series A close included investment from UCL Technology Fund, Alsa Holding and Epidarex Capital.
Loyalty Prime redeems seven-figure round
Loyalty Prime has been backed by the VC affiliate of Technical University of Munich’s Unternehmertum as it builds the international profile of its loyalty scheme management software.
Engitix explores $6.4m series A
UCL spinout Engitix plans to develop therapeutics for liver fibrosis and certain cancers based on its targeted drug discovery platform.
Quralis queues up $5.5m
Harvard’s Quralis has added funding from investors including Viva Biotech to take its seed total to $5.5m as it looks to advance treatments for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis to the clinic.

Editor's Picks

Manchester signs deal with IP Group
Canvas paints $9m picture
Canvas Network, an online education platform developed by learning management software (LMS) provider Instructure which received $9.1m investment for the platform, has begun offering free and open online courses.
Dyson sucks up $7.9m for RCA start-ups
British investor Sir James Dyson, founder of vacuum cleaner company Dyson, is donating $7.9m to The Royal College of Art to support engineering start-ups.
WRF finds its Resolve
In May 2010, Resolve raised $2m in the initial close of its A round before bringing in a corporate venturing unit later.
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