Genomics encounters $42m series B
Foresite Capital and F-Prime Capital joined earlier series B investors including Oxford Science Innovations to take Oxford drug discovery spinout Genomics’ total funding to $58.2m.
Spiber spins $44m into its web
Synthetic silk developer Spiber spun out of Keio University in 2007 and has now raised a total of more than $260m.
Ultrahaptics savours $44.8m sensation
IP Group and its Venture Fund II have pumped more cash into Bristol's haptics technology developer Ultrahaptics to take the spinout’s total to $84.3m.
Aprea appraises $56.8m series C
Karolinska Institute-founded anti-cancer therapy developer Aprea Therapeutics has now raised more than $100m of funding.
Goldwind carries LandSpace to new funding
Wind turbine producer Goldwind returned and 36Kr Fund also invested as Tsinghua's rocket technology developer LandSpace secured $43.2m in a series B-plus round.
Inflazome gets series B funding influx
Inflammatory disease drug developer Inflazome, based on research at University of Queensland and Trinity College Dublin, has added $45.6m in series B capital to its coffers.
Camel-IDS calls in $42m
Vrije Universiteit Brussel’s Camel-IDS collected funding from investors including Novo for a radiation-based oncology platform that will initially target Her2-positive brain metastatic breast cancer.
Spin Memory turns to corporates to raise $52m
Memory technology supplier and New York University spinout Spin Memory has secured $52m in a round featuring Applied Ventures and Arm.

Other News

Galecto collects $90m in series C
Bristol Myers-Squibb, Merck Group and Novo all took part in a $90m series C round for Galecto Biotech, which is commercialising research from Lund and Edinburgh universities.
Enable Injections sets up $50m series B
Ohio Innovation Fund has returned to support a first series B tranche for Enable Injections, which is targeting a $50m final close.
CuraSen lures Johnson & Johnson to series A
Johnson & Johnson was among the investors in a $54.5m series A round for CuraSen Therapeutics, which is commercialising research from Stanford University.
Amgen inserts $66m into Oxford Nanopore
Oxford Nanopore has secured $66m from Amgen, after the latter’s subsidiary Decode Genetics used the spinout’s technology to sequence hundreds of human genomes.
Berkeley Lights attracts Nikon for $95m round
The cell biology technology developer, based on UC Berkeley research, took its total funding to almost $220m in a Nikon-led round that included fellow strategic backer Varian.
Rgenix generates $40m series C
The Rockefeller spinout will use the series C proceeds to advance two cancer drug candidates through early-stage clinical trials.

Editor's Picks

Big deal: NMD flexes series A muscles
Aarhus University spinout NMD Pharma, which focuses on therapies for neuromuscular conditions, has attracted the support of several corporates for its $47m series A round.
Big deal: Touchstone helps inject $73m into Cell Medica
Touchstone Innovations, which co-founded the cellular immunotherapy developer in 2007, has contributed to another funding round.
Kymeta satellites $50m
Kymeta Corporation, a satellite parts manufacturer, raises $50m series C with backing from consortium including multi-university venture fund Osage University Partners.
SLC blooms with $100m
The Shared Learning Collaborative (SLC), backed by $100m from The Gates Foundation, the Carnegie Corporation, and others, rebrands as new startup inBloom.
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