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Vasopharm vamps up $10.7m
Entrepreneurs Fund’s EF Investments and Bayern Kapital contributed to a round that increased Würzburg-founded traumatic brain injury drug developer Vasopharm’s total to above $57.8m.
Paragraf packs in another $16m
Parkwalk Advisors has led a funding round for University of Cambridge's graphene technology business Paragraf, which will use the money to increase its headcount.
IQM Finland collects $13m
Quantum computing technology spinout IQM Finland’s scientific operation is helmed by the professor who launched Aalto University’s quantum computing devices group.
PlanetIQ observes $18.7m
VTC Innovation Fund contributed to a series B round for weather forecasting satellite constellation developer PlanetIQ, with the cash set to help it launch 20 microsatellites by 2021.
Modag balances $14m series A
Based on research at Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich and Max-Planck-Institute for Biophysical Chemistry, Modag has launched out of stealth with $14m in series A funding.
Exyn takes off with $16m series A
Penn spinout Exyn Technologies has closed a $16m series A round backed by IP Group to accelerate the development of its AI software for drones.
Omnidian negotiates $15m series A
Backed by Congruent Ventures and corporates National Grid Partners, Evergy and Avista, Omnidian offers protection and maintenance for residential solar panels.
Audio Analytic passes $12m audition
Cambridge Innovation Capital backed sound recognition technology developer Audio Analytic's $12m series B round, having previously also supported a $5.5m series A in 2017.
Swiftly swipes $10m series A
Stanford-StartX Fund joined others including Total Energy Ventures, Samsung Next and RATP Dev to back public transit management software publisher Swiftly.
RxRevu arrives at $15.9m
University of Colorado Hospital-affiliated UC Health and University of Virginia LVG Venture Fund both featured in a series A round for healthcare analytics platform creator RxRevu.

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