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InsGeek collects $14.4m
Legend Holdings has backed the insurance brokerage whose existing shareholders include Tsinghua Holdings and Fosun.
Ibex scans $1.3m round
IP Group is among the investors in x-ray technology developer Ibex Innovations’ latest round after backing a $3m round for the company in 2014.
MooreElite gains series A ranking
The company has raised $14.4m from investors including Tsinghua University’s THG Ventures for its range of integrated circuit design services.
Stilla gets $18m series A result
Paris Saclay Seed Fund backed a series A round which will help the biotechnology company expand sales and launch a new product.
Kanova captures $16.6m series A
Biotherapeutics developer Kanova has secured capital from investors including Tsinghua University-managed Lotus Lake Ventures.
OMass amasses $17.9m series A
Oxford spinout OMass has pivoted from offering consulting services to developing its own drugs after closing a series A round backed by Oxford Sciences Innovation.
Origin layers $10m in series A funding
Previously backed by Stanford University, Origin has now raised a total of $12.3m to support its modular and interoperable approach to 3D printing.
Dispelix displays $13.7m series A
VTT Ventures has supported a $13.7m series A round for the institute's spinout Dispelix, which is working on see-through displays.
Omeicos performs series C operation
SMS Group has backed a $19.5m series C for Omeicos Therapeutics to enable the Helmholtz spinout to advance its treatment for atrial fibrillation into a phase 2 trial.
Invectys administers $17m series A
Institut Pasteur spinout Invectys will use the funding to advance a drug candidate for a type of leukaemia into a phase 2 trial.

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