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RapidAim hits funding target
The Csiro Innovation Fund has invested $890,000 in RapidAim, co-founded by three Csiro researchers, to support a trial of a fruit fly monitoring system.
Locate Bio pinpoints $660,000 round
Mercia Technologies has returned to back Locate Bio's pursuit of orthopaedic therapies based on research at University of Nottingham.
Ecovia clears up $500,000 seed round
Michigan materials spinout Ecovia Renewables has secured capital from the university's Mints fund to take its total to $1.6m.
Boeing drops into MIT’s Accion Systems
Based on research at MIT, Accion Systems has received corporate backing from Boeing to develop more nimble and efficient propulsion for spacecraft.
Breethe inhales $3.5m
University of Maryland-founded artificial lung developer Breethe is targeting $5m for its latest round after previously raising approximately $7.8m.
Covatic covets $1.1m investment
Oxford spinout Covatic has now raised $2.1m in funding for a software platform that enables media broadcasters to tailor mobile content and marketing to the habits of specific users.
Caristo detects $2.6m pulse
The newly-founded Oxford cardiovascular imaging spinout raised seed funding from backers including Oxford Sciences Innovation to pursue further product development.
Adranos takes off with $800,000
The 2016 Purdue spinout has been backed by angel investor Archibald Cox and the Ustar Tap accelerator as it seeks US defence agency-adoption for its missile propellant.

Other News

Navigen navigates path to $1.5m
Peptide-based drug developer Navigen has been backed by University of Utah-based student venturing fund UVF II in its first equity round.
Memetis meets KIT for funding
KIT-founded valve actuator manufacturer Memetis has received capital from the university and HTGF to help expand development and production.
WSU biomedical projects seal Mtrac funding
Five US-based biomedical projects at Wayne State University have received Mtrac funding to pursue goals including better immunotherapy and new antibiotics.
Aceleron recharges with $195,000
Advanced battery developer Aceleron, which operates from Birmingham and Brunel universities, has been backed by the Midlands Engine Investment Fund.
Epishine powers up $1.3m
Linköping solar cell manufacturing spinout Epishine has received money from backers including LiU Holding arm after previously securing backing from Chalmers Ventures.
Xenergic puts together $890,000
Lund University spinout Xenergic has been backed by LU Holding to deliver power-saving technology for computer memory circuits.

Editor's Picks

Sphere Fluidics circles $2.5m
Magnomatics gears up with $4m
Sheffield spin-out Magnomatics raises $4m for its magnetic gear technology.
Intelligent Ultrasound hears call of $1m
The Oxford University spin-out set up by its technology transfer office raises the funds at the same time as winning a development award from the UK's National Health Service.
Coursera wins university investment
Caltech and Pennsylvania back on-line teaching company Coursera, which just won the praise of Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates.
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