WGU’s New U Venture Partners has a new accelerator intended to bridge the gap for seed-stage investees preparing to seek series A capital.

New U Venture Partners (NUVP), the US-based strategic venturing fund anchored by Western Governors University (WGU), unveiled an accelerator for its early-stage dealflow yesterday.

The program, dubbed Bridge to Success, offers up to $1m in funding to seed-stage investees as they look to prepare the ground for a future series A round.

Bridge to Success will initially be delivered virtually with applications for the first cohort closing on October 18.

The program will mainly focus on digital learning and future-of-work applications in line with NUVP’s strategic objectives: affordability, post-secondary readiness, learning and experience, workforce transition and upskilling, and global distribution of education.

Dre Bennin, managing partner of NUVP, said: “Many edtech startups offer innovative solutions that could significantly help learners and others in the education industry but lack the resources to move to the next level with a series A round.

“Our goal is to improve the lives of millions of individuals through better quality and access to learning, and this program will support that by identifying promising edtech startups and putting them in a position to scale.”