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Aprea appraises $56.8m series C
Karolinska Institute-founded anti-cancer therapy developer Aprea Therapeutics has now raised more than $100m of funding.

Ultrahaptics savours $44.8m sensation
IP Group and its Venture Fund II have pumped more cash into Bristol’s haptics technology developer Ultrahaptics to take the spinout’s total to $84.3m.

Spiber spins $44m into its web
Synthetic silk developer Spiber spun out of Keio University in 2007 and has now raised a total of more than $260m.

Tactiva takes $35m series A on board
Tactiva, an immuno-oncology spinout of Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center and based at University of Buffalo, will use the funding to drive its development program.

Oxford excavates PalaeoPi
PalaeoPi, which began operations almost a year ago, is developing a photogrammetry-powered 3D scanner called MKIII TablePi for purposes including archaeology.

Igem sets $6.4m in stone
The KCL immuno-oncology spinout’s second series A close included investment from UCL Technology Fund, Alsa Holding and Epidarex Capital.

Forge procures $4m from Lockheed Martin
Alberta-founded renewable fuel producer Forge Hydrocarbons hopes its lipids-based fuels will provide a cleaner alternative to petrol.

Streem straps on $6.8m
Streem, a home services AR software developer whose shareholders include Oregon State University-backed Rogue Venture Partners, is raising a second funding round.

JNC connects Nanograf to $4.5m
Chemicals firm JNC has injected $4.5m into Northwestern battery spinout SiNode Systems, which has rebranded to Nanograf Technologies as a result.

Minnesota spawns Vascudyne
Vascudyne will develop vascular medical devices offering enhanced performance on the back of a stem cell-grown tissue with similar biological and mechanical qualities to the native equivalent.

Freefall lands UAVC funding
Arizona-founded Freefall Aerospace has been backed by UAVC in its efforts to commercialise antennas for 5G and satellite communications.

Bios signals for $4.5m
Cambridge neural interface spinout Bios will use some of the seed capital to develop an interface between prosthetic objects and the human nervous system.

Blue J Legal makes $7m call
Backed by investors including BDC Capital, Toronto-founded Blue J Legal hopes to adapt its legal forecasting technology to the US system.

Tsinghua mulls Japan-focused fund
Tsinghua’s Tus-Holdings is weighing up a venture capital fund as part of a $584m push into Japan’s artificial intelligence, fintech and robotics sectors.

Nowak takes on Wyoming role
Henry Nowak has left North Dakota State University to direct University of Wyoming’s tech transfer hub.