QUB-founded cybersecurity business Titan IC is set to become part of Mellanox Technologies, having previously raised funds in 2015.

Queen’s University Belfast yesterday secured an exit as data connection technology provider Mellanox Technologies agreed to buy its advanced data analytics security spinout Titan IC for an undisclosed sum.

Founded in 2007, Titan IC develops hardware and cloud-based technologies that thoroughly inspect data transferred within IT networks in order to identify malicious activity.

Titan IC’s approach, dubbed the RXP regular expression engine, can process complex data strings containing many rules of analysis. It is mainly intended to secure cloud servers that handle advanced data analytics and search applications.

Mellanox will implement the technology in its processing chips for data centre acceleration, branded the BlueField I/O Processing Unit, as well as its ConnectX range of cloud-facing network adapters.

In addition, Titan IC’s headquarters in Belfast is to be repurposed as Mellanox’s R&D centre for advanced network intelligence.

Titan IC had previously received $1.3m of funding in 2015 from EU and regional government-backed venture funds Co-Fund NI and Techstart NI, according to the Irish Times.