Kyoto University Innovation Capital is partnering Infinite Capital Holding as part of efforts to let spinouts conduct clinical trials in China.

Kyoto University Innovation Capital (KU-iCap), the university venture fund of Kyoto University, will partner Chinese venture capital firm Infinite Capital Holding to help spinouts conduct business across Asia, Nikkei reported yesterday.

The two firms are expected to reach an agreement as early as today, though details are expected to be ironed out at a later date.

KU-iCap expects the partnership will enable its spinouts to expand into China and across Asia. The fund also hopes its companies will be able to undertake clinical trials in China, which would benefit the 40% of its portfolio operating in the medical and biotech sectors.

Infinite Capital was formed in January 2017 as a joint venture comprising 76 companies, primarily based in the province of Guangdong. It specialises in collaborating with academic researchers, particularly in the life sciences, and has some $1.4bn in assets under management.

KU-iCap will advise its spinouts on capitalisation planning and the management of intellectual property to avoid unintended tech transfer. The tie-up marks the first time that a Japanese university venture fund is joining forces with a Chinese venture capital firm.