Kinectrics has bought University of Surrey's Gnosys Global in a bid to extend its global presence and unlock the potential of a combined product portfolio.

Gnosys Global, a UK-based industrial parts and services provider spun out from University of Surrey, was acquired for an undisclosed sum yesterday by electricity sector management services provider Kinectrics.

Gnosys emerged out of the university’s Polymer Research Centre in 2006 to market polymer components, chemical R&D services and consultancy to industrial science clients.

The company targets energy transmission segments including power grids and gas networks, in addition to suppliers of technologies such as nanomaterials and industrial drones.

Kinectrics will leverage Gnosys to introduce its own products into a number of electricity-related markets in Europe, but also hopes to forge an effective product lineup from the combined portfolio of both companies.

The acquisition is expected to accelerate the path-to-market for new Kinectrics products and services, and the firm plans to blend Gnosys’s R&D and innovation programs with its own strategy.

Gnosys Global does not appear to have disclosed funding previously. The spinout, which operates from University of Surrey’s Research Park, was founded by its chief executive Gary Stevens, who also founded the Polymer Research Centre.