University of Louisville, University of Kentucky and Kentucky Science and Technology will extend their tech transfer expertise to other local institutions.

Three Kentucky-based universities are set to collaborate in a state-wide tech transfer program called Kentucky Commercialization Ventures aimed at supporting other regional colleges and institutions.

Kentucky Commercialization Ventures is being spearheaded by University of Louisville with participation from University of Kentucky and Kentucky Science and Technology. The initiative is funded by a $1.2m grant from Kentucky’s state government.

The unit will aid local institutions with tech transfer expertise and training with the objective of bringing more inventions to market and enhancing Kentucky’s national research profile along with its ability to secure funding.

Kentucky Commercialization Ventures is helmed by the tech transfer arm of University of Louisville’s Office of Research and Innovation – the Commercialization EPI-Center – and will report to a manager based within the centre but dedicated to the new partnership.

University of Kentucky and University of Louisville have each been awarded $2m over the next two year fiscal years for the program, while Kentucky Science and Technology has been allocated $755,000 for the current fiscal year.