Prof Bernd Bickel will be the inaugural vice-president for technology transfer at IST Austria as part of a wider management reshuffle.

Institute of Science and Technology Austria (IST Austria) has appointed one of its researchers, Prof Bernd Bickel, as vice-president for technology transfer effective September 1, 2021.

Bickel’s appointment is expected to strengthen the institute’s technology transfer programmes. It is a newly created position.

IST Austria’s commercialisation operation is currently overseen by Markus Wanko, head of technology transfer, who talked about his work GUV’s podcast, Talking Tech Transfer, earlier this year. Among Wanko’s achievements to date is the launch of a venture fund, IST cube.

Apart from Bickel, the institute has also appointed Prof Gaia Novarino as vice-president for science education.

Tom Henziger has had his term as president renewed, while current executive vice-president, Prof Michael Sixt, will continue to oversee scientific services and act as the president’s deputy. Georg Schneider will continue to serve as managing director.

– Image of Bernd Bickel courtesy of IST Austria