Richard Holliday has left the tech transfer office to join Oxford spinout Bodle Technologies.

Richard Holliday, former deputy head of technology transfer at Oxford University’s tech transfer office Oxford University Innovation, has joined Oxford spinout Bodle Technologies as senior vice-president of business development and intellectual property.

Bodle Technologies aims to commercialise thin film materials to create ultra-resolution displays alongside smart glazing technologies that can manipulate visible and invisible light.

The technology will enable the creation of windows that can react to the need of a household and the weather. In winter it can keep heat inside the house while in the summer reflecting the infra-red light back into the atmosphere.

Holliday was the deputy head of technology transfer – engineering and material sciences at Oxford University Innovation from December 2012 until last month.

In a recommendation on LinkedIn, Peiman Hosseini, chief technology officer at Bodle Technologies said: “Richard was instrumental in helping us spinning out our company.

“He ensured that we protected our intellectual technology, presented us to various investors and companies and most importantly supported our vision from day one to the day we got our very first investment. He is the kind of person that uplifts the reputation of the entire technology transfer office community in the UK.”

– Photo courtesy of LinkedIn