SnapGene, a molecular biology documentation spinout of UChicago, has been acquired by scientific data analysis tool provider GraphPad Software.

SnapGene, a US-based molecular biology process documentation platform spun out of University of Chicago, was acquired by scientific data analysis software publisher GraphPad Software yesterday for an undisclosed sum.

Launched in 2012 and also known as GSL Biotech, SnapGene has created a software platform that enables scientific researchers to map out molecular biology procedures using planning, documentation and data visualisation tools.

The tools are designed to accurately record the numerous variables associated with DNA cloning, a technique fundamental to molecular biology where DNA sections such as genes are replicated with absolute precision.

SnapGene will retain its brand and customer-base following the acquisition as part of GraphPad subsidiary Insightful Science, which specialises in bioinformatics technologies.

The core DNA documentation technology was devised by SnapGene founder Benjamin Glick, a professor at University of Chicago’s department of molecular genetics and cell biology.

SnapGene has seemingly not announced details of prior equity funding.

Glick, who is currently the company’s chief scientist, said:  “Our vision for SnapGene has always been to accelerate scientific discovery. After getting to know the team at Insightful Science, it is clear to us that they share this mission.”

Thomas Swalla, chief executive of Insightful Science, added: “[SnapGene] has already had a phenomenal impact advancing research at leading institutions and biotech and pharmaceutical companies. We look forward to empowering even more scientists with this technology, and further serving and supporting the global scientific community.”