Nova University Lisbon has established chemicals producer Des Solutio with the support of Frontier IP, making it the second spinout launched in Portugal by the commercialisation firm.

Des Solutio, a Portugal-based developer of chemicals for the beauty, pharmaceutical and personal care industries, was spun out of Nova University Lisbon today with the support of commercialisation firm Frontier IP.

Frontier IP will own a 25% stake in the company, the second spinout it has helped launch in Portugal and out of Nova since it first entered the country in 2016. The first spinout was NTPE, an electronics printing technology company formed in August this year.

Des Solutio is working on applications for natural deep eutectic solvents (Nades) in industries including pharmaceuticals and personal care products. Nades are found in plants and entirely derived from natural compounds, including organic acids, amino acids and sugars.

The spinout hopes its chemicals – which offer improved solubility, permeability and biodegradability – will replace toxic organic solvents, such as ethanol, that are currently being used.

Des Solutio is based on research conducted by Ana Rita Duarte and Alexandre Paiva at the university’s School of Science and Technology, also known as FCT Nova.

Neil Crabb, chief executive of Frontier IP, said: “We’re very excited about the possibilities for Des Solutio. The technology being developed by Prof Ana Rita Duarte and Dr Alexandre Paiva has already attracted interest from major multinationals.

“Its incorporation as our second Portuguese spin out is further sign of our growing strength in the country.”