UT Austin-founded graph data developer Capsenta has been picked up by Data.world, which has integrated the spinout’s technology with its own product.

Capsenta, a US-based graph data modelling technology spinout of University of Texas (UT) at Austin, was acquired on Wednesday  by data cataloguing and analytics firm Data.world for an undisclosed sum.

Founded in 2012, Capsenta has built data virtualisation technology that converts information into a knowledge graph so that it can be easily searched and interpreted without extensive IT expertise.

The technology can be accessed from the cloud and applied to databases on local IT systems to facilitate data analysis from a remote location.

Capsenta builds on research by Juan Sequeda, a former PhD student and research assistant at UT Austin who has been appointed Data.world’s principal scientist, and Daniel Miranker, a professor in the computer science department with expertise in data mining, machine learning and natural computation.

With the acquisition, Data.world has integrated Capsenta’s graph virtualisation technology with its data cataloguing product.

Capsenta raised approximately $750,000 in seed financing prior to August 2015, according to SiliconHills, though further details could not be ascertained.