Every day, Global University Venturing rounds up the smaller investments from across the university innovation ecosystem in its deal net.

Commercialisation firm Frontier IP today acquired a 29% interest in Nova School of Science and Technology (FCT Nova)-founded wastewater management software developer AquaInSilico. The Portugal-based spinout has devised software to optimise wastewater treatment using algorithms that compute known biological and chemical processes. AquaInSilico’s offering is expected to cut wastewater-related costs by up to 25% across various industrial settings, and would also be able to retrieve a mineral called phosphorus with applications in fertiliser production. AquaInSilico was formed to monetise research directed by Maria Ascensão Reis, lead professor at FCT Nova’s Applied Biomolecular Sciences Unit.  The company is the fourth Frontier IP-backed spinout to emerge from Portugal, following chemicals developer Des Solutio, electronics printer maker NTPE and brain implant device business Neurotech.