Backed by Research Institute of Tsinghua University in Shenzhen, CoWin Biosciences supplies biological reagents for diagnostics and research applications.

CoWin Biosciences, a China-based life sciences research materials provider indirectly backed by Tsinghua University, has raised RMB245m ($35.9m) in a round led by venture firm Addor Capital, DealStreetAsia has reported.

Venture capital firms Share Capital and Green Pine Capital Partners also took part in the round.

CoWin Biosciences markets more than 600 biological reagents for a variety of uses in research and molecular diagnostics.

The product range includes liquids for preparing next-generation genetic sequencing as well as enzymes for initiating polymerase chain reactions, the procedure used to rapidly copy DNA samples.

CoWin Biosciences also produces a nucleic acid-based reagent for Covid-19 diagnostics.

The company raised $10m in seed funding from unnamed backers when it was founded in 2007.

It then secured an undisclosed sum in 2019 from Leaguer Group, an incubator formed by Research Institute of Tsinghua University in Shenzhen, a partnership of Tsinghua and the municipal government of Shenzhen, according to DealStreetAsia.