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Conquer’s participants could secure $20,000 in convertible funding, and would join the portfolio of MSU-run Red Cedar Ventures upon graduation.

Edge Case secures $7m

CMU’s Edge Case Research has raised capital from Ansys, Lockheed Martin and Liberty Mutual to use AI for solving complex safety issues in autonomous technologies.

Dundee-founded drug discovery company Exscientia has entered into a collaboration agreement with GT Apeiron, whose parent GT Healthcare invested in the spinout’s series B round.

IP Group signs Hynes
Aedhmar Hynes, former CEO of digital communications agency Text100, will join IP Group as an independent director on August 1.
UK fires up $193m quantum program
Spinouts are in line to receive a share of the government funding to advance quantum applications spanning computing, imaging, sensors and communications.
Schoppe to chair Autm Foundation
Laura Schoppe, founder of tech transfer consultancy Fuentek, will chair the board of Autm Foundation, which builds awareness and support for initiatives run by Autm.
Satt offices drive Team-to-Market
French regional TTOs Satt Conectus, Satt Nord and Satt Sayens hope to source skilled business leaders and management for their pipeline of deep tech spinouts.
UCSD banks EvoNexus partnership
UCSD students and alumni will have access to a fintech incubator run by EvoNexus, Royal Bank of Canada and Franklin Templeton.
Audio Analytic passes $12m audition
Cambridge Innovation Capital backed sound recognition technology developer Audio Analytic's $12m series B round, having previously also supported a $5.5m series A in 2017.
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